It's Tuesday, November 23, 2004!
Subject: mmm...

Everytime I start enjoying things a little bit, life gets a little irritating... have you ever found that to be true? It's almost as if God's cosmic and all-Knowing plan includes the trials & tribulations in one, specially made-for-you package. But really, I'm exaggerating and bordering on drama queen with all of it :) All I can say is... 2 more weeks of classes with a GLORIOUS break home for Thanksgiving. Woot.

Classes the week of Thanksgiving are pretty pointless... I mean, how many people do you expect to show up? I have decided to punish CU by not gracing my classes with my presence. :P Just kidding, but really... why don't you give us Fall Break AND Thanksgiving week, CU? C'mon, it's not so much. It's not like a majority of your students don't skip enough as it is anyways. Ah well. Until then, I'll be going to Anatomy today, Japanese tomorrow...

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It's Monday, November 15, 2004!
Subject: breaktime!

Yay! I survived! Now I have three weeks until finals and I am SO relieved. Obviously, I still have homework and other various paraphenelia lying around here that need to get did... but I do not have stress hanging over me like some sick Grim Reaper. Hurrah.

I miss my tagboard... and I miss having a detailed layout. I told myself I'd keep it like this until I moved it onto a subdomain... after reformatting this computer, I need to get all of my graphics programs and CuteFTP on here again, so I guess that'll have to wait. :P Or maybe... challenge myself by trying to create graphics on MS Paint. So nerdy.

Finished the first draft on my argument paper (argument for the validity of Traditional Chinese Medicine as an equally successful method of medicine), ran a bunch of errands with the Josh, grabbed Arby's, went to work, am currently cleaning my room... I have to go through a year of reciepts that I've saved up and get rid of every single one. Blargh. And I still have Japanese homework to make up... I really don't want to know how I did on that test. >_< I think I find all of this out tomorrow. Yuck. Oh, and today is Tylor's birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We're going out to dinner after he gets out of the CU Basketball game.

I think I've written enough for 10 entries :P Just kidding, I'll try to remember to update more often--obsessively, just like I used to! :D G'night~

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It's Saturday, November 13, 2004!
Subject: homeward bound

It's not about a trio of lovable household pets this time, either. :p

So. Tests are over until finals. It's snowing outside. I am in Colorado Springs with my family for my mom's birthday, and I am about to eat dinner.

God, I really needed this. Being here with family, warm inside while it's cold outside... love so apparent in everything we do together (thanks for taking me & Joel out to Korean for lunch, Dad! hehe SALAMAT :D)... life is good.

And last, but most definitely not the least important thing on my mind. Although we're spending it away from each other, you know I never feel very far away from you... thank God it's you, Joshua. Happy half a year, baby... I love you! <3 (I'm so mushy, it's ridiculous. Ich liebe dich. Hope that's spelled right.)

Splendid. I love my life.

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It's Wednesday, November 10, 2004!
Subject: contemplation & etc.

I am simutaneously studying for Anatomy and Japanese, both tests tomorrow and right after each other. However, I am trying to remain calm. :P Actually, I'm doing alright right now, and hopefully this attributes to my overall success. Last time I took my anatomy lecture test, I was super-nervous and freaked out and... well, I won't tell you how I did, but it was definitely the suck. So now... relaxed. Calm. Cool. And it is SO cold outside.

Just felt like posting this on here, as my way of relaxing while studying. Hope you all are having a better time of it tonight than I am. ;)

By your clock the cock rooster crows
Then off to work where everybody goes
Slow, but eventually they get there
Picking up the day shift back where all left off
Confined and pecking at relationships
You know it痴 only a worthless piece of shit

Who needs shelter when the morning's coming?
Absolutely there痴 no one
Who needs shelter from the sun?
Not me, no, not anyone.

- Jason Mraz, Who Needs Shelter

I need to stop listening to him sooner or later... he's my new ear candy. :)

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It's Thursday, October 28, 2004!
Subject: So.

I made suggested Josh should come with me and Joe (& later on Julie) to Vina & Rachel's apartment for ice cream in pj's at around.... 11:30pm? And so, he just started his paper half an hour ago >_< I decided that since it was pretty much my fault and I should have known better than to have tempted him... so yeah, I'm staying up all night with him. :P

Mm, motivation to do well in classes is so high and so low at the same time. Is that possible? Somehow, somehow. I have been invited to 4 Halloween parties, and only 2 of them are in Boulder. Boo. No way I can party-hop with that lineup. Oh, and HOW ABOUT THEM RED SOX??? :D :D :D 86 years in the making baby! Not necessarily a big baseball fan, but YAY :D

Anyhow, I'm off to keep Joshua company. Oh, and if you have facebook, you should totally add me to your list. Because...yeah. And stuff. :p That is all for now.

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It's Sunday, October 10, 2004!
Subject: 私の誕生日よ!

わい〜今日は私の誕生日だ!今、私は二渚ホだ。うれしいけど、もっと勉強することから、Anatomy Practical がある。六じゅうカードをするだ。それはうれしくないだね。。。 Yeah, enough of that. Happy Birthday to me, go 20! Except that now I have to study a shit-ton... thanks to my brother and Josh & Co. last night, I got absolutely nothing done :P At least I've got everything else but the origin, insertion & action stuff down... and I have around 20 of those memorized... only 60 more to go (sob). =_= What an anti-climactic birthday eh? Time to study for me...

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It's Wednesday, October 6, 2004!
Subject: Grey day...

...or gray? Nah, probably grey. Okay, now I'm just being inane...

Today... blah. I've had better days... worse days... if I really had to compare today to something it'd be Purgatory, as described by Family Guy: "Eh." "Not good, not bad." "So-so." (Hehehe...awright.) Normally I'm all about the grey, cold days-- snuggle up in a blanket, drink hot cocoa, etc. And you figure-- my birthday's coming up, the big 2-0. No longer a teenager, not yet a legal adult. But I'm so stressed... Japanese test tomorrow, Anatomy practical on Tuesday... I do worry too much, and I know it, but this semester is so important--I can't slack. And because I have Josh, Joe, Steve & Gregg living 20ft. away from me, I have a really hard time pulling myself away unless I absolutely have to. The Japanese test I'm not too worried about, but the Anatomy practical... I HAVE to get an A on this practical to average out the B- I got on my first practical. My life is grades, grades, grades... 'planning ahead for grad school,' 'prepping for the future,' blah blah blah pick your favorite catchphrase. Normally I'd be totally stoked at my birthday coming up in 4 days, and have some type of celebration prepped out. But right now, all I can think about is getting my name on the Dean's List, and how I have the potential to get straight A's, and how settling for less makes me a quitter...

Well, it's time to make it or break it, I guess.

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It's Wednesday, September 29, 2004!
Subject: Fall Break-O-Rama!

Thank God Thank God Thank GOD it is Fall Break.

Really, that's all I had to say. :P

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It's Sunday, September 26, 2004!
Subject: NEW LAYOUT!!!!11

Yes, it's a simpler, [maybe?] more mature and less technical layout. You might look at it as a growth in my design towards maturity and simplicity, a lazy attempt to put up something new, or a fix between complicated layouts, or maybe this layout contains feng shui... in any case, I was getting really sick of a monochrome Shuichi against a sick amount of checkers, so here you go. What happened to the informative little side bar and the comment box? you might be asking... well... in an attempt to make myself use more of the webspace I have at my disposal on my paid account, I'm going to be switching this blog to my space in the next week or so; I'll be converting this simplistic HTML/DHTML to PHP and using WordPress so that people can actually comment on each entry. Isn't that just peachy? :P So anyhow, you'll be able to find me @ --such a creative subdomain name! [Don't click on it yet, by the way. It's dead...or not alive yet?] Hopefully I'll be more motivated to fill this thing in, because Lord knows I definitely need the outlet. Plus, for those of you that actually check this, I'd like to keep you filled in, if anything interesting ever happens... which it doesn't, but hey, you never know. In any case, I'm out before I babble myself into schizo.

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It's Friday, September 24, 2004!
Subject: isogashii...

Hehe. Writing my scientific paper due at 1pm today on the fly. Join in! It's awesome. Actually, I'm already halfway through it--it's probably not what my teacher is looking for at all, but hey, that's alright. It's just a draft, and I get full credit for submitting it in the correct format(s) today. Yay for a month of rewrites, I'll actually have reason to go to the class.

All I wanted to really say in here, though, is this little anecdote: Josh and I were sitting at his place watching Adult Swim around 1:30 in the morning, and we hear a knock on the door, so I go to answer it. It's our neighbor, randomly stopping by to see if we wanted to smoke pot... yeah, I think... Boulder rocks. Har har har. High times for life, baby. And now, back to writing my paper.

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It's Tuesday, September 14, 2004!
Subject: she's an angry asian...

More like frustrated than angry. I'm frustrated with how dead-end my life feels right now... it's just studying, and tests, and more studying, and more homework... I'm only three weeks into school and I really want to crawl into a space and hide. I've got this immense pressure to do well this semester, got the end of college forming in my mind, got this job that just keeps on taking... and never, never enough time to sit down and go "wait a fuggin' minute yo"-- I know there are more hassled people out there than me, and damn... does my heart go out to them. I just need to figure out a way to handle my time and money and life... but yeah, if somebody comes up with a good plan for that, just lemme know. I'm off to study.

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It's Thursday, September 9, 2004!
Subject: blabbity!

Nada mas occuring in my life, other than the anatomy lecture test on Tuesday and the anatomy lab practical on Thursday. Honestly, that's all I really want my life to be about right now. I'm going through the rest of the Skin chapter tonight, then the skull for the practical... it's like I'm excited to have this chance to prove myself, and at the same time I'm scared out of my freakin' mind. I am also still in the teetering balancing act of school, boyfriend, friends, family, work, church... not necessarily in that order, mind you, although I suppose I've been a little... focused on spending time with Josh. We're both trying to be better at juggling everything at once, and I really think we're getting better at it (more like, I am... he's always cool as hell whenever it comes to stuff like this). So if you're out there and you still give a shit as our friendship, you and me, I PROMISE I am going to talk to you soon. Just... let me get this anatomy week of Hell outta my way first. =_=

I need to be at my house more, I really do... but hanging out with the boys is so much fun. Sometimes I feel so utterly dysfunctional when I think about how I almost always feel more at ease with guys than girls (but ladies, there are exceptions among you... and I love you all, you know it). Plus, I hate the fact I have no internet in my room. Sitting in my room makes me feel isolated and dreadful. I apologize to my roommates, but unfortunately for me, I am an extrovert at heart, true and true. I must be out-- and usually with the guys. :D

La~ Off I go to study the Integumentary system. And if anyone here can tell me where the pissiform bone is, you get a cookie!

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It's Monday, September 6, 2004!
Subject: Instead of homework...

Josh is being good and doing homework. I am surfing the net and being generally unproductive. I found an LJ community all about anonymous hatred of fanfiction (any type), and one line made me laugh my guts out.

"Songfics. Ohhh god why. Everytime you write a songfic with Evanescence lyrics, God kills a kitten."

That is all. :P

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It's Wednesday, September 1, 2004!
Subject: Well then.

I have definitely dropped off the face of the earth for a while there, but life continues... somewhat. School has been going on for the past week and a half and I'm already starting to see the workload set out in front of me, like a straight road full of red stop lights... how's that for visualization? I'm hoping that I can manage a social life, straight A's, and work, but we'll see what happens I suppose.

To be totally honest, and this thought creeps me out... I might give up the account I pay for monthly and settle for using my good ol' LJ again. I mean, I LOVE webdesign, don't get me wrong--but I don't know if I have the time for it anymore. (It also doesn't help that I have no internet access in my room, due to our lack of a router and our lack of funds for it.) I really, really don't want it to come to that, but if I'm not even USING the space and I'm paying $12 a month for it... gah. I'm not in a terrific, pick-you-up moods tonight (thank you, horomonal fluxation), so maybe I shouldn't be talking.

It's the horomones talking! Save us all! :P Oh, and I still have IPHY 3700 reading to do... yes, I'm already slacking, I so rock. I'll have to be better about that class. And dear God, I almost fell asleep during the Anatomy lecture today... I mean, I get a full night's rest now, what's going on? Maybe my body isn't used to being so regulated. That would be interesting. Anyhow, maybe sometime in the future I'll get rid of this very, very old layout and sport a new one. And refresh this page. Until then, ciao.

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It's Friday, August 20, 2004!

I think shooting myself in the head with a bow and arrow would probably be more fun than being stuck in my house at the Springs, all by myself, while waiting for my parents and grandmom to come home. Just a hunch.

CU has decided to be wonderful, kind, and all-that-is-good by delaying my ability to re-register the classes I so sorely need to graduate in two years. Sunday is the fated day. I hate CU right now. I think they want to suck the money out of my pores for an extra semester and make me graduate in 2007.

I have paid off my credit card-- but immediately had to put more money on it to finance things needed at the beginning of this coming semester. Marvelous. I refuse to look at my bank account. [But now that I've mentioned it, I probably will, damnit...]

Life has been pretty uneventful and if anything it's been stressful. I am currently sticking it out through a new-found hatred of my job. Hm. But money is money, and broke is broke. Spending time with Josh is always [genuinely] wonderful, but it's been stressful for the two of us to figure out WHEN to see each other with our dumb work schedules. I'd like to see more of my friends, yet get a spot on this semester's Dean's List [and the standards for Dean's List have risen from a 3.5 to a 3.75 minimum semester GPA]. I'd like to say I'm a wunderkind and I can handle a boyfriend, pre-med classes, a social life and [most importantly] family, but I'm not much for blatant lies. Ha.

Heading up to the Liberal HQ after dinner, spending quality time with my brother and Tywer, and supposedly finding a party for them... all while trying to hide the fact from them that the last time I went fiercly party-hunting was Spring Sem '03. :P Eh, I guess it can't hurt to check my sources. And if YOU are in the Boulder area, AND having a party, let me know.... please? Har har.

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It's Tuesday, August 10, 2004!
Subject: Hm.

Have you ever "googled" yourself? I decided to today... and it was funny. Most of it contained stuff from my anime story-writing days (i.e. fanfiction) for Sailormoon. I'm such a nerd, I know. And one of them contained an entry from Chris that was very interesting... he wrote about it his freshman year before getting out of UNC, and it quotes me? I don't know whether I said it, or I acted in a way that spurred the quote-- usually I was a little too drunk at Ross' parties in FoCo to rememer anything of relevance, hehe. I'll have to ask him about it the next time I see him.

I have to get an emergency root canal tomorrow morning @9am... definitely not excited about that. At best, it will give me a whole week off, i.e. not having to work shifts at Longmont and Lafayette, respectively. Although I absolutely love both of the patients I take care off... well, you could say that I'd like a bit of a break? Thursday's the only day I'm working this week, I should've just blocked it off like a sane person. Oh well.

Feeling horribly settled down now that I have a functional relationship and a wonderful boyfriend. Am not complaining; simply reflecting upon current situation. Have decided to be more social, as in manner of socialite with nothing better to do. Or perhaps will tell everyone to sod off and will consider self content with life. Both most likely best choice.

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It's Friday, August 6, 2004!
Subject: dear Lord.

It's 11pm just about on a Friday night and I'm ONLINE, INSIDE and BORED OUT OF MY MIND. This is so unlike me that it's...creepy... >_o I'm waiting for Josh to call... he can't call quick enough, seriously. Yawn.

Two more nights until I'm back in the Springs and hanging out with Kuya Marty! Hellllll yeah.

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It's Monday, July 26, 2004!
Subject: Server issues

So... maybe a few of you saw that this page was all f*^ked up an hour ago... I had to call my wonderful server to check in on what was up. By the way, if anyone is interested in paying around $15 a month for 250MB, amazing bandwidth limit, and a fantastic CPanel with everything you could imagine, you should check out Beachcomber Creations. Not only do they come with the works, but they have a fantastic support system-- the person I called fixed it all in a jiffy. :) It reminds me that I'm not really utilizing my space on here and paying $12 a month for it anyway... my patient this morning asked me what I was going to do today. Maybe I should clean up a little more online :P

Saw Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy last night, and holy CRAP is it hilarious. It's so...irreverent and dumb and innocent and ignorant. I LOVE it. :D I went to watch it with Josh and Sarah last night, and we were rolling the whole time... very enjoyable. "I love...table." "Brick, are you just picking things around the room and saying you love them?" "No...I love...lamp!" Har har har. If you are as big of a fan of Zoolander as I am, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. It might even be funnier, which frightens me. (Pot of coffee!) Okay, enough out of me with that movie. I still have to shower and drop off my sheets @ Maxim... ciao, kids.

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It's Thursday, July 22, 2004!
Subject: HA!

I am OFFICIALLY on the University of Colorado at Boulder Arts & Sciences Dean's List!!! Check out the Dean's List online! :D Academic high right in here... God, I only hope I can continue to place on the List for the next two years. Yay for taking initiative and studying and being paranoid about grades! :D

Woke up early because I fell asleep around 11:30... how lame... :P I'm going out to lunch with my dad, brother and sister, then driving Ate up to DIA... then going back to Boulder, picking up my paycheck, depositing it @ the bank, and spending time with my fantastic boyfriend. :) And the outlook for this weekend looks tasty... clubbing with James? KICK IT BACK TO FROSH YEAR XD~ I WILL keep in touch with people... I WILL manage to spend time with and keep all of my friends... AND do well in school. AND maintain a wonderful relationship with Joshua. AND... thinking about it, I'm getting exhausted... :P

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It's Tuesday, July 20, 2004!
Subject: sigh...

Hope dangles on a string
Like slow spinning redemption
Winding in and winding out
The shine of it has caught my eye
And roped me in
So mesmerizing, so hypnotizing
I am captivated, I am
I am selfish, I am wrong
I am right, I swear I'm right
I swear I knew it all along
And I am flawed--
But I am cleaning up so well
I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself.

That song is running over and over in my head like a mantra-- out, damn you! >_< I'm currently in the Springs on my brother's brand-new computer... damn you, Joel... anyhow, I've been spending the day inwardly clearing my thoughts and thinking about things, and I've admitted a few things to myself that I had been trying to avoid. I know I'm the type of person to avoid conflict if possible, but I've learned that if needed, I can do it. I've realized that I take too much shit sometimes. And lastly... taking too long to resolve a problem not only makes it worse but causes resentment. I don't want to be the one that "talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk", so to speak. In other words, if I have a problem with someone, I'm not going to let it fester--I'm going to headbutt it from the get-go and kick its ass. That's the spirit, Kris! Gooooo...

...but always, before action, there must be a plan of action. And that, my dear friends, is something that I haven't quite grasped yet. :P Hm, feeling sentimental...

I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself.

This line stands out to me in particular... thank you to those friends of mine that saw something in me that I couldn't grasp, but that I am only now fully realizing... it was a Godsend for me to go to CU now, I think... I couldn't have survived these past two years without the friends I've made--the ones that matter. I love you.

Damn, where in my "ice-cold freezer of a heart" (sayeth Steve) did that come from? ;) Goodnight, folks.

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It's Saturday, July 17, 2004!

Holy shit I am poor.


Lilly visiting this whole week = fantastic. But oh dear God, my resources are totally wiped out. I can't do anything but work in August, I am so broke... I think I'll probably have to ask my parents for help, which I already feel FANTASTIC about... great. Great, wonderful, fabulous. I'm really upset about how badly my finances are--which I know is partially my fault, but... gaaaaah. I don't think I've EVER been so poor in my life before. If ever shifts are offered to me from now on, I'm going to have to take them... yay... I can't eat out for the next few weeks... yay... I'll definitely get everything paid off by the beginning of the school year but DAMN does it suck to be in debt.

I worked out a fantastic schedule for myself that would include the classes that I need and everything... BUT. I can't change around my classes until August 20, which really REALLY bites. I'm just so scared that I won't get the schedule that I NEED, and I REALLY need the schedule--without things working out exactly, I don't know if I'll graduate in time (two years). Very worried indeed... *yawn* All of the classes except for one are 3000 level (a.k.a. Upper Division... ta-dah!), and I doubt I'll have to compete with the iddle freshmen for the classes... but agh, some of the things I want to change my schedule to I'll be waitlisted for anyways. >_o Ugh, I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.

In any case, I'm driving Lilly to the airport at 8am tomorrow, so I should probably get some rest. And I have to call Joshua before I go to bed (yay!!)... *yawn*

It's so nice to feel like I can be at home again, really. And that's all I have to say about that. Goodnight.

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It's Thursday, July 15, 2004!
Subject: Blah

Now taking JPNS 3110 after adjusting my schedule with my advisor yesterday... thank God I went :P Not only for that, but I know now that I can get all of the credits and requirements I need for the next two years... and that is a huge load off of my shoulders. What else... been hanging out tons with Lilly, so yay for that--it's been giving me something to do as well as giving me a reason to spend a few bucks. (Bad Kris.)

Summer summer summer... it's winding down, and I couldn't be more excited?

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It's Tuesday, July 13, 2004!
Subject: utsukushii no hi

Happy two months, Joshua! :) Except... it's really one month because I've been in the Philippines and you've been in Massachusetts... buuuut it's all good. Thanks for knowing me inside out and dating me anyways. ;)

It's been super-fun, spending time with Lilly and seeing Josh on the side... today the three of us went on a hike at Chautaqua (and I know I butchered the spelling...) and then got slurpees (typical Josh :P). Lilly and I are doing something for dinner tonight, but for now I'm on my own...sitting in my sauna of a room with the fan blowing at my back to keep me from fainting ;) A new layout is on its way, and it's not by any means a wonder of coding or graphics... but it's a much more personal layout? I guess you'll see. It's odd, and I've made prettier/better/nicer, but I figured I'd try something different. So yay? And I really have nothing else to say for now...

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It's Sunday, July 11, 2004!
Subject: ...

spiraling into a place not unknown,
almost yearning for the descent--
a darkness too familiar
and an ache that reclaims me.
anywhere but here, to me
everywhere but here!
where the people drown in beautiful apathy
and i alone am left aghast,
feeling like a castoff
--numb with the stigma of your frustrations
and sick of your benevolent absence.
rigid with tension,
through slippery walls,
away from indifferent warmth
i fall.

What a horrible capture of my feelings. I hope my heart doesn't bleed on you too much.

If only I could float away.

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It's Monday, July 5, 2004!
Subject: Quickie note...

...happy 20th birthday, roomie :D

First day of school tomorrow...oh, I can hardly wait. :P Goodnight.

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It's Saturday, July 3, 2004!
Subject: Harrumph.

Oh me, oh my. Someone needs a new layout for their blog, and that someone is me. :x I haven't done webdesign in so long, and I suppose that now is not the prime time to do it, seeing that I start Chem2 on Tuesday (induced sobbing)... but hey, we'll see what happens. As of now, I have no clue as to what I'd use for my layout, other than I want to try and make it more personal, so... pictures of the Philippines that I took while there? Pictures of me and other people? (I suppose I'd need consent for that last one huh... :D) In any case, I need to do something, because this layout is stale (and so is my blog commentary T_T). What can I say? Life is stable, and nobody wants to hear about how I saved money today, or how I went out on an impromptu date with Josh the other day. ^_^ Who is unfortunately in Massachusetts for a wake/family reunion. Don't ask, I have no idea what goes on in those white American heads of theirs... har har.

Well, anyhow. Here's to the internet actually working in my room someday. (And the day that happens, my productivity will sink 99%. Ohoho ^o^)

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It's Monday, June 28, 2004!
Subject: too much effort...

Now that things at our cozy liddle corner of 19th St. have gotten a little less ghetto, our connections to the outside world have decided to become moreso. In other words, we only have internet connection on Michelle's laptop, so it's going to take too much effort to update this daily probably. Not until we get things figured out first... bleh, and we all know how much I abhor putting effort into things.

Didn't sleep at all last night, thanks to everyone's favorite jet lag, so I've been up since 4pm and just got here in Boulder around an hour and a half ago. Still not sleepy! Maybe I should take a nap though-- I think that I'm going to be seeing the Golden people tonight (as I have decided to address Joshua's friends today...well, my friends too, but you get the point right?), and those people are full of energy. Especially Dustin and Ryan Colett. I mean... if you think I'm energetic and bouncy, you're in for one hell of a sugar rush. :p I still have to call Maxim & figure out my schedule as well as pick up my paycheck, go to Target and get my pictures developed, and... hm, well, I sense a bout of getting nothing done coming on since Josh will be here any moment now. We're going to lunch! :D Yay! Oh, and here he is..... bye for now!

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It's Tuesday, June 22, 2004!
Subject: :D

- In Manila @ an Internet Cafe.
- Not much time to write... 5 minutes left in fact.
- Hi! I'm alive ! :D :D :D

Aaaaaaaaand I'm spent. See y'alls this weekend! :)

Kris killed the good times at 12:30 p.m.

It's Thursday, June 10, 2004!
Subject: update update

So... heading out to the Philippines in TWENTYFOUR HOURS from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). Excited? Maybe. And I just realized...I haven't really put up pictures on here of me and what's goin' on. I should probably do that more, or something, for those 3 people that ever check this thing. I'll definitely do it when I come back from the P.I.--mad picture alert. I still can't believe that we're leaving, after not being over there for almost 8 years. And although I'm sad that Nana can't be there (actually, I'm really sad...), at the same time--at least we're going, right? But my mom was right--it's gonna be so weird without her around. And what else is weird, Tita Susan and her family won't be there with us either. And Uncle Jun can't come either :( So it's just me and my family (minus my grandmom), and Tita Helen, Gayle & Justin. BUT... my mom was talking to Tita Susan today and Trina's going over to DE to celebrate Gayle's graduation party & her birthday, and she wants me to come. :) Which I thought was really nice... and I'd really like to... but it's right in the middle of my Chem 2 classes at CU. My mom's willing to give me her free ticket, so money's not the issue but... damn. I dunno what I'm gonna do. :( I guess I'll figure it out in the next few days, because, well, I have to.

All packed & ready to go, with the exception of my carry-on (which will be filled with makeup, CDs, books and DVDs). Mm, 17-hour flight. And Julie's coming over tonight, although I have no clue what we're doing... it'll be fun! Sure! Maybe? Yeah. :p The next time I update, it'll be from my Tata's house in the Philippines!!

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It's Tuesday, June 1, 2004!

Item 1: I'm not dead.
Item 2: No more Tantra--yay!
Item 3: Still have to unpack a bit--boo.
Item 4: Been spending a lot of time with Joshua :)
Item 5: Too lazy to update right now... ;D

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It's Friday, May 28, 2004!
Subject: accomplished...

1) take a shower
2) return cable box to Comcast place in Boulder & pay bill
3) deposit paystubs
4) buy essential things such as shampoo, lotion, body wash, etc.
5) start throwing things away @ old place that I don't need, pack up more stuff
6) go to Maxim and pick up care sheets

7) CNA shifts @ 5pm and 8pm.

:D Wow, I rock. ^_^ Still have to go to the 8pm shift, but I finished the 5pm one already! Still have to check up on work study though... =_= It might be too late, but I'll try anyhow. Oh, and I've been trying to clean up my room and put things in place so that I can feel like I LIVE here. Still so bare... o_o I'll make it home-y over time though, I'm sure. Anyhow... I'm off to clean dishes, rid our house of the HORRIBLE cookie dough, and eat some spaghetti (SPAAH-geddi) before driving out to Longmont. *sings* Monay monay monay mooooonay...(moooonay!) */end singing* ...yeah. :p

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It's Friday, May 28, 2004!
Subject: omgwtfSOTIRED

I. ache. everywhere.

*collapses, or wishes she could* Moved most everything I own from my house in Tantra (EVILTANTRADIEDIEDIE) to this humble liddle abode on 19th & Arapaho... that doesn't mean I'm settled in though, not by a long shot. Agh... I HATE waking up early and having to drive out. Of course, it'll be even worse when Chem2 starts up... 7:20 class, noooooo >_< List of things I must do today: 1) take a shower 2) return cable box to Comcast place in Boulder 3) deposit paystubs 4) buy essential things such as shampoo, lotion, body wash, etc. 5) start throwing things away @ old place that I don't need, pack up more stuff 6) check out work study for Chem2 due to exorbant cost of stupid class and 7) CNA shifts @ 5pm and 8pm. =_= I guess #8 should be 'get to bed at a decent time you stupid bitch' but hey, who's keeping track? :D

Tomorrow I have a morning shift in Longmont (&#%@), then I have to shower super-quickly, put on some hot makeup and fix my hair, then drive with my roommates to pick up Josh & go to the Springs for my brother's graduation party. This will be nerve-wracking I'm sure... >_o

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It's Sunday, May 23, 2004!
Subject: x x x

Journal entry titles are pointless, I think, for the most part. *yawn*

God help me, I'm such an impatient person. I am absolutely horrid at getting back to people when I say I will, and yet I expect people to hop to it whenever I beckon. :p But I came on here to distract myself from the fact that I'm bored as hell and waiting for someone to call me back... so I went to Greg's graduation party today, which was good times for the most part. Then I went shopping @ the Citadel with Joel (JP!!) and bought a few things because I'm a shopping MANIAC... afterwards got home and have been home since. When my parents are busy and my brother's being a nerd & playing FFXI, I have nothing to do other than go online or waste away into a puddle of pointlessness and despair. Har har... tomorrow I'm driving down south to get the Filipino cooking books, cleaning my car as well as my grandmother's, and going to my brother's graduation (the whole reason I'm down here in the first place, woo!). And then, waking up Tuesday morning and driving back up to Boulder. YAY!!!11 I get to start moving into my new place, woo~ And hopefully catching up with people in the meantime as well.

Growing so bored of writing...YAY he finally called! It's up to the minute news with me. Off to spend some quality time on el telefono <3

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It's Sunday, May 23, 2004!
Subject: Boredom!

Shrek 2 was a little disappointing, but hey, it's very difficult to beat something so good/original. Watched that instead of Mean Girls... afterwards we kind of wished we'd seen that movie instead. (Yay for cruel, heartless teenage bitches!) The little get-together @ Tita Merna's was nice--good food as always. Nothing really going on, no one's online to talk to, and I'm really, really bored. I might just go to sleep due to lack of things to do.

*shakes fist* I hate you, Hell cespool of the Third Reich Colorado Springs...

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It's Saturday, May 22, 2004!
Subject: Home again...

I hate Colorado Springs. Burning passion and all. No offense to those of you that live here, but I really don't have a reason to be here anymore, save my family. Let me be even more blunt--I could care less about anyone here anymore EXCEPT for my family. There are a few of you that escape this generalization, but otherwise it pretty much holds true. I have nothing left for me down here...last night only reaffirmed what I believed prior to leaving for the Springs. Goooo suburbia.

On a VERY positive note though, I love being back with my family! I missed them so much! :D I'm so tired from this last week though... I'm catching up on sleep so I can be all good and energized for the next few days. YAY for my brother (mahal na mahal kita Joel, "maligayang bati"), for my grandmom's safe trip back from her Europe trip, for my mom's inherent yet wonderful weirdness. And I'm excited to see my dad when he comes down from Wyoming on Monday... I'm such a nut, I love my family to pieces.

Today I'm going shopping with my mom (she doesn't know it yet, but we're buying me something, har har), getting my hair trimmed because it's evil and split, going to a birthday party (happy birthday Gerame!) Filipino-style, & catching a late showing of Mean Girls with Benji. [Thank you for being one of the last tolerable people around here!] It's going to be fun, and probably going to kick off once I take a shower and stop looking like a scrub. :D

Let's see... this past week was mainly filled with work, Josh, and lots of food. Well, sort of lots of food. Well... more like, time seems to pass over us and we always forget to eat. :) But yay for that, as malnourishing as it is. :D Once I get back from the Springs, I'm going to start moving everything from our place @ Tantra out to our new apartment... yay for new living arrangements, boo for the ghetto-ass kitchen. :p And then, before you know it, my Dad's retirement ceremony & the Philippines trip! I can't wait. Buuuuut in any case, I'm off to take a shower & generally look much more decent. *yawn* I feel jetlagged...

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It's Tuesday, May 18, 2004!
Subject: $$$$$

I'm boooooooored... bored BOAT bored bored bored BOAT bored bored.

Damnit, the longer I hang out with Josh and his minions, the more random I get! >.< Anyhow. Went to lunch with my friend Will--he's leaving for NY tomorrow--and hung out at his house for a bit before getting home around five minutes ago. I have three hours to kill until I have to leave for work again in Longmont, and I need to be amused! o_o Maybe I'll drop by and see what James and Steve are up to... *goes to make a general nuisance of herself to surrounding peoples*

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It's Monday, May 17, 2004!
Subject: I'm interesting! Read me! READ!

God, I'm spastic.

Anyhow, yesterday was lots of fun--loads of fun--talked to my mama on the phone when I first woke up, then went down to Golden for the day to spend time with the boy. :p (I figured that if he drove up here for me I might as well drive down for him, right? Right.) So Dustin has people over @ his place for swimming, and lots of interesting things happen in the pool (BOAT! BOAT! BOAT! omg it hurts)... I got a leetle bit more tanned, which I'm sure my mom will love, and my face got kind of burned, har har. Then we had dinner (grilled hamburgers & hot dogs & chips & dips...yum!), and went over to Josh's place to watch the BEST South Park episode EVER (Scott Tenorman Must Die, Season 4). It was a good time, and I never mind hanging out with that crowd--I mean, I think my social life this past week has consisted of those people for the most part. :D Then I drove back up here and to Lafayette for my 10-midnight shift (which went well, thank God). Me and my parentheses, eh? I just got back from my 8-10 morning shift over in Longmont and am going to get everything else that I didn't do on Saturday did today. I GONNA GET DID IT~ XD~ So tired but so wired (AGH IT RHYMED)-- was over @ my new apartment talking with Emily for a while last night, and then I called Josh on the phone right before I went to sleep because I'm a goober, so I didn't get to bed until 2am? Har har and I woke up at 7am... go me...


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It's Saturday, May 15, 2004!
Subject: d-e-d dead.

I am so tired... last night was tiring. Everything's tiring. And now I'm cleaning my house and making myself dinner and doing my laundry and doing the dishes and ARGH ARGH ARGH *screaming inwardly* There are still a few things I'd like to do before going out to Lafayette again @ 10pm... like take a nap? but I doubt I'll have time to. I mean, I'm sure I could do all of this housework tomorrow--rather, split it in half--but I like to get everything done when I start. Perfectionist and all that. I am not the type to clean little by little, I'll just put it that way.

Tonight I have work from 10-midnight and then...I don't know... I might just crash, seeing that I've had a total of 25 hours of sleep for this whole week. :p And I still have to ask our new landlord about the apartment being cleaned professionally (because it should be before we move in), porch lights, dishwasher rack... *yawn* AND deposit my paystubs. AND pay the bills. I know I'm bitching, but AGGGGGH!!!1 As soon as it all goes away I'll be so happy <3

And damnit, that reminds me...I still have to start packing stuff for our move in the next two weeks. =_=

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It's Thursday, May 13, 2004!
Subject: >:D

You're going to regret that you hopped in for this roller coaster of a ride, I bet. Here's to your lameness. ;)

I did absolutely nothing today--it was glorious! Lots of antisocial staying-at-home-ness. :D Talking-on-phone-ness, lying-in-bed-ness, eating-junk-food-ness... hooray for lazy! And so I found out that I made the Dean's List since I got a 3.5 this semester neat is that? I feel smart again! XD~ And my paystub from Maxim comes in tomorrow, which is good times... liberation from credit card debt, yay! I'm not working morning visits on the weekend. I survived one week, and that's very exciting to me :D (Well, since it's only Thursday...I guess I shouldn't talk just yet.) Probably going to watch Troy tomorrow after work, but with who? ^o^

And wtf is it with this 40-degree weather in Colorado? IT'S MAY YOU STUPID STATE. Arrrr... -_O

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It's Thursday, May 13, 2004!
Subject: An itemized entry.

1. I GOT AN A- IN SOCY. omgwtf!!! I averaged a test score of 95 in that stupid course! >_<;;; And I didn't miss that much class... I must've done not-so-great on my last final, go me--hanging out with Josh instead of studying. :p (I blame this on YOU!)

2. Besides that, I got a B in Japanese and Kines and A's in Psych and Shakespeare. XD~ My semester GPA is a 3.5! YAY! Although I am extremely angered at that f*#%&^g Socy grade... *roars*

3. Got a few shifts switched-- MWR I'm taking care of a client in Boulder for the night shifts instead of driving up to Longmont...which is nice :D I still have the morning visits--which are tiring, among other things--but it's a start. And I only have another 7 days of getting up this early. Whew. Yeah, I know...sleep earlier to alleviate the discrepancy, but blegh. =_=

4. Off to bed because I hurt. :D

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It's Monday, May 10, 2004!
Subject: oh yeah.

So. I might get my shifts at Longmont switched to shifts here in Boulder, if things work out... and I really, really hope they do. It's not that I don't like the people that I work with up there--quite the opposite, they're very wonderful people--but I don't want to have to drive that far out at first. I must admit though, the visit is a lot easier on me; the one that is closer by is pretty demanding and you have to remember the most obscure things... but I'm bitching. Anyhow, I would definitely prefer to work down here, case closed. :D So I'll hope/pray for that one.

Putting away laundry now, then going to King Soopers to get ingredients for a Coke float... tasty! *heart* And maybe I'll watch Naruto 82 and HagaRen 31 before I go to Longmont tonight. Yay work? and such. These days pass by so quickly...

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It's Saturday, May 8, 2004!
Subject: Ladies & Gentlemen, your genius.

Okay, Adam and Ross! Sure, let's go to a party and not leave until 1:30, even though I have work at 8am in the morning. Let's eat at IHOP and spend $21.00 (I paid for Ross as well as ordered a steak for myself...har har) and not leave until 3am! Let's sit around and delay leaving for over half an hour after we get back to Ross' house so I'm driving back to Boulder at 4 in the morning! And the best part is--I get to wake up after THREE HOURS OF SLEEP and go to work! With a new client! HURRAH!

Oh dear mother of mercy am I freakin tired... and I still have 2 more shifts to go. One at the same place I was at this morning from 12-3, and another from 10-midnight tonight. Woo. BUT! The client specified that I wouldn't have to show up tomorrow for work in the morning--but I get to mark it as being there so I get paid anyways XD~~~ OmgILOVETHISJOB!!!11 And the new clients I have are really awesome :) Sometimes I really think I was meant to be in the medical field... having awesome patients always makes me all warm & fuzzy inside. :D Anyhow, between my second and third shift... I dunno what I'm doing. :p OMGSOMAD-- I just filled my car up with gas--and I already used up seventy miles in TWENTYFOUR HOURS. =_= I shouldn't have gone down to Westminster, damnit damnit damnit. And not only that--my parents are switching me my car for my grandmom's car because they have to take care of a few insurance things with it. Soooo~ filling it up with gas was so utterly pointless, I'm crying inwardly. Ugh, that means I have to clean out my car today. Boo! =_=

YAY for my A in Shakespeare (which is now on my transcript, hurrah!) and my A on my Kines final! XD~~~ And now, shower & food...if I can find any O_o;

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It's Friday, May 7, 2004!
Subject: Today's joys...

Decided not to go to the party and get drunk and instead stayed at Cheyho til midnight... don't ask me why. Well, everyone else did :) And I said that "it took too much effort"--which is actually sort of true. I've had a very anti-social day; I only went outside of my house to go to work. I'm just tired is all...and now that I think of it, how the hell am I going to get on-campus and not get a parking ticket tomorrow? O_o; I guess I could pay the bus fee...I KNOW my card is somewhere in my car damnit all... but I'm tired and I'm rambling...

I'm currently experimenting with b2 and I expect to be somewhat closer to making it work in the next two look forward to that. :p Anyhow, I'm tired--I'm off to bed.

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It's Thursday, May 6, 2004!
Subject: ...

omg I give up. I'm stupid and inefficient with coding. I would be crying in utter defeat if I weren't so freaking dizzy from staring at this stupid screen for x amount of hours.

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It's Thursday, May 6, 2004!
Subject: o_o

I've just spent the past two hours trying to find some way to include a snippet of php on this page... my head hurts...and I'm too impatient when I read through tutorials. I got php Calendar installed on my CPanel and everything...I just can't put it on here =_= I should've realized that at least half an hour into it all...that I can't use an include script if this is an HTML document and not a PHP one...and since this is on a free blogging service I obviously can't change the file extension to php... am I reaffirming my nerdiness? I can't even be smart for a nerd ;_; I should buy the "PHP for Dummies" book at the bookstore already. *resigned to her idiocy* If it took me 2 hours to figure such an easy program out, how am I ever going to get the hang of greymatter?

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It's Thursday, May 6, 2004!
Subject: Dooooooooooone~

It's got a musical sound to it, doesn't it? "I'M DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!" :D Still nerve-wracked about my grades, but hey, there's nothing else I can do from here on out. I just have to wait for the finals scores... bleh, but I'll try to NOT think about that.

Over the next month I have work (boo)... and free time. I would LIKE for the free time to be spent slowly moving my stuff over to the apartment and cleaning both living spaces (where I'm living now and where I will be living); I'd also like to take care of a few other things too, like a few things online... like making my collective actually worth visiting? ^o^ Putting up a guestbook, putting up the two sites that I have in the works, finishing my personal collective, moving this blog to my domain (which means mastering greymatter... php, you confuse an old fogie like me)... nerdy I know, but it'll make my site all the more interesting. I was also thinking of purchasing a new domain is starting to wear thin, I'm afraid. If anyone comes up with a good domain name, let me know. I'm brainstorming on this side :) Anyhow, it's hot as hell in Colorado and I'm stuck with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO... HOORAY!!!

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It's Wednesday, May 5, 2004!
Subject: only 2 left.....

I'm so scared... maintaining my grades is DEFINITELY more nerve-wracking than having to bring them up. It's like that stupid "king-of-the-hill" analogy--once you're at the top, you're freakin' paranoid that someone will knock you back down. Stupid comparisons or no, that's how I feel right now. I'm not so worried about Psych as I am about Japanese though...but I guess that voicing how freaked out I am won't necessarily help anything...

In a little over 14 hours I will be done. Done and FREE. And that is really all I can think about right now...

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It's Tuesday, May 4, 2004!
Subject: Musings

I wasn't as prepared for that last Socy test due to my inherent slacker-ness last night (damn you, slurpee!)... which makes me a little mad, but it's over and done with, right? I'm just very sick of studying... I still have 3 Psych chapters to read and a whole semester of Japanese to go through before tomorrow. I pretty much blew these past 2 hours by screwing around, too... I mean, even though I have good grades, I'm still sick with worry about them. I will be until my grades get marked in my transcript. I just want a break from caring so damn much about my grades... doing nothing and caring about nothing has never seemed so glorious, I think.

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It's Monday, May 3, 2004!
Subject: quickie update

Finished reading for Kines--the chapters are fairly easy, and encompass Sports Psychology, Neural Control of Movement, and Motor Learning... kind of nice how I learned those in the last few chapters of Psych ;) There are a bunch of terms that are exclusive to Kines, but the concepts are identical... so I'm feeling good about the final. I got up at 9:30 so I could finish reading and start working on the study guide/slides for this class, along with take a shower and feed myself (although I don't know WHAT since we're out of most everything :-/). Final's @ 4:30pm today so I have a lot of time to review stuff I pretty much know already.

This is the most relaxed finals week I've ever had, and DAMN it feels good :D

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It's Sunday, May 2, 2004!
Subject: ehehe...he...

So...due to my FANTASTIC study methods, I'm only halfway through reading my Kines chapters instead of being long done. :D And I don't have much time before I have to be at St. Tom's for choir practice, so... I just archived the last page and decided to write something quick up here. I'm going to be @ church until around 7:30 (@ the latest), and before that and after that I'm going to be hardcore studying for Kines. YeeeY for my inevitable B. >_o But I got an A in Shakespeare, which is fantasmical and such... anyhow! I'm off to shower/eat/study/church/study, see you on the other side <3

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